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By | June 18, 2017


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Mere spookiness is not a comedy. The film Bank Chor considered to be a Comic Thriller serves neither of it. In fact, the lame comic dialogues and pathetic storyline make it worse to sit there for two long hours. Ritesh Deshmukh and Vivek Oberoi like stars cannot save the ship from sinking.


Bank Chor Movie Download in HD Mp4

Bank Chor was to be made quite earlier and was to be the first movie of TV comedy star Kapil Sharma. But Kapil had some creative differences with the makers, Y films which is why Ritesh was roped in. You can get Bank Chor movie download in best print from here. Bank Chor is marketed as a comedy movie but actually its comedy plus thriller which it fails to do so.


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Three friends, Gulaab, Genda, and Champak played by Bhuvan Arora, Vikram Thapa and Ritesh Deshmukh respectively are novice robbers. They plan to rob a bank but while robbing the bank they get caught and are said to be caught in another big scam. The movie revolves around how stupid yet innocent those three thieves are. They were supposed to be entertaining robbers but end up being nothing.


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The illogical movie sequences like people at the bank at the gun point of robbers are quite insane and in fact, they do not care about their well being and end up helping those criminals. This is way beyond acceptable.

Talking about performances, we expect much better from two stars Ritesh and Vivek. Ritesh is although good in certain scenes and light up the mood but the character of Champak driven by Vaastu Shastra is not so strong. The other two mask robbers Genda and Gulaab have not much characterization and dialogues either. You can start downloading Bank Chor movie in HD Mp4 format from here. The arguments of Delhi vs. Mumbai is evident among those 3 as Champak is Marathi and Genda and Gulaab are Delhites.


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The thrilling part does not thrill you either but still second half towards the end grips you. Vivek as Super Cop is underwhelming. Rhea Chakraborty, the reporter has hardly anything to do in the film and just seems to be a Glamorous prop in the movie.

Overall, the movie is not even a time pass and can bore you to the core. The lame references to Dhoom kill all the charm either. You cannot even fake the laugh. It can be called as Poor people’s Dhoom but Dhoom still had thrilled to offer but Bank Chor is not a comedy nor it’s thrilling. It can be completely missed.


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